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Preparation is key! To maximize your chances of performing well, and building confidence in yourself and your team you have to make sure you are correctly preparing for each event!

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If you’re looking to better your mental game, tournament preparation, or approach to VGC, look no further as the PokéPrep series has got you covered!

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A series in which I will interview top players and content creators and ask them about all about VGC improvement, meta game analysis, mindset and more!

Game Concepts/Team Building

Here you can find all my articles going over how to improve your teambuilding, and get a better understanding of the many game mechanics!

Tournament Articles

Check out articles covering my tournament runs, how I prepped for them, the teams I used, and results!

The VGC library has a vast collection of content created by a wide variety of creators over the years. One of the best recourses you can find for exponential growth in VGC!

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