Why You Should Be Using Affirmations To Improve In VGC

When you’re playing a competitive game it can become easy to get down on yourself whenever things don’t go how you want them to. 

When you are hard on yourself during/after losses it can cause you to give up before the game is over, talk negatively to yourself, and think negatively about the game afterwards. 

That’s why today I want to talk about affirmations, what they are, when you should be implementing them into your daily life, and how they will help you improve your mindset, and gameplay. 

First let’s go over what an affirmation is, an affirmation is a word or phrase(s) you repeat to yourself that empowers yourself and helps you push you towards your goal. 

An affirmation could be something as simple as “Don’t give up” “I can play this out”, or something more direct and relatable to a goal you have such as “I am capable of becoming a national champion” or “I will become a great player.”

Although this may seem like some hocus pocus stuff there are some real, highly impactful reasons as to why saying such phrases will help you improve.

The average person has about 6000 thoughts per day and 80-95% of those thoughts are the same 10-15 thoughts constantly being recycled in your brain. When you are having the same 10-15 thoughts constantly throughout each day you will be heavily influenced positively or negatively by said thoughts depending on what you’re focused on. If you are having constant negative thoughts such as demeaning self thoughts, thoughts of failure about tasks, or anxiety about what the future may hold then you will be in a negative mental state more often than not. If you have positive thoughts circulating in your head then you will be in a better, more hopeful and inspired mindset.

So with that being said you want to interject those thoughts you are repeating and replace the negative thoughts with new, positive thoughts that help push you towards your goal and allow you to build confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

Affirmations are an extremely effective way to begin changing your thought process. Studies show that audibly speaking words can be 20-30x more powerful than when just thinking them. This is why whenever you may have built up emotions and then talk to someone about them you release those emotions and may begin to get angry/cry despite being able to hold them up prior to talking about it just to give an example I’m sure we have all been through.

So if you spend a little time each day audibly speaking affirmations that reinforce your goals, or how you want to feel about yourself you will begin to start ingraining those phrases into your thought process and over time those phrases will begin to become some of those 10-15 thoughts constantly being repeated in your head even if you don’t consciously recognize that it’s happening.

Affirmations really helped me in the past. Despite performing well in tournaments, practicing a lot, and always thinking about the game I always had doubts that I could become one of the best. I may not be one of the best now, but due to the fact that I used affirmation every day for months I was able to ingrain the belief in myself that I can be a top level player which allows me to confidently execute on the daily tasks I need to do to push me to my goal of becoming a top level player.

Building a positive attitude towards the game and practicing are extremely important for improvement. A more positive mindset will make you more likely to practice, be more attentive when you practice, study the game more, meet new friends to talk about the game more and other great benefits to help you improve your game while having fun!

Affirmations have worked for many of the greats in this world, athletes, businesses, musicians, artists, comedians or any other profession you may admire. I hope you begin to introduce affirmations into your daily life to gain the benefits of confidence, self belief, a boosted level of happiness, and better gameplay.

Thank you for reading today’s article! If you enjoyed please give this post a share, or consider checking out my social media for more VGC improvement content. You can find my twitter here, YouTube here, and my twitch channel here. I hope you enjoyed and I wish you a fantastic day!

Published by Primitive

My name is Michael, but if you know my from competitive gaming you probably know me as Primitive. I'm a life long competitor in various card games, and turn based games who still has the burn to compete and work to be my best. I have been on a health and fitness journey since February 2018 and it is now one of my burning passions, making one of my new major goals to become a personal trainer to help others see the benefits exercise and nutrition can bring!

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