3 Tips To Train Your Focus And Play Less Distracted

One of the most common issues many players have that hinder their growth/performance is having distractions surround them while practicing ultimately taking away from their focus on the games in front of them and lowering their performance threshold. Today I want to talk about some habits you can implement into your life to help build your focus and be less distracted which will help you grow in every area of your life including your VGC performances.

Practice Habits That Train Focus Daily

The best way to start getting better focus is to implement habits into your life that train that focus each and every day.

Reading: Reading is a great habit as not only will it give you the chance to learn each and every day on any subject you wish, but while you’re reading you will be actively focusing on the text. If you’re like me then you may start to wonder off in thought during reading and then have to re focus on the text which is actually a good thing because each time you lose focus and refocus you are getting another repetition of training your brain to come back to what you need to be focusing on and over time you will get less distracted while being able to regain focus faster.

Meditation: Meditation much like reading has great benefits outside of just training focus. And also much like reading the reason meditation is so impactful is the fact you are going to be getting many repetitions of regaining focus after losing focus which over time is going to build the skill of focus and make focusing/regaining focus so much easier.

Empty Time: Empty time is a time you plan out in which you don’t look at your phone, listen to any music or have any distractions and just live life. I do this a lot while I go for walks in which I spend 30-45 minutes just walking, listening to nature and going into a deep thinking session. This has not only helped me sort out many things in my mind, but its actively focusing on your thoughts which is going to train focus while having other great mental benefits. And also its nice to get outside and just enjoy nature when you can.

Plan Out Time To Practice Without Distractions

Planning out time to play undistracted can be super helpful. Not only will this provide you time to fully focus on the game further training your focus, but if you pre plan this time you can more easily tell others that you aren’t going to be around your phone/social medias for this period of time and you don’t have to worry about missing a thing. You want to really make sure you are building the habit of playing undistracted as once the IRL circuit comes back you aren’t going to be allowed to check your phone or listen to your own music during your matches, and if you train yourself to play distracted you are going to be looking for ways to distract yourself while in the middle of your matches ultimately lowering your focus and chances of winning.

Bridge The Gap With Friends

If you are used to playing distracted and are finding it hard to start changing your habit to playing less distracted you can begin to bridge the gap by playing games with friends. If you both hop into a call together and play the game, then you can still be focusing on/practicing the game while also having something to give you that stimulation you are craving in between turns/while animations are happening. This will trump being distracted by social media/YouTube etc as you will be able to review games, get advice, and have a good friend with you the whole time while slowly transitioning away from the need to have unproductive/distracting stimulation in between turns.

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Published by Primitive

My name is Michael, but if you know my from competitive gaming you probably know me as Primitive. I'm a life long competitor in various card games, and turn based games who still has the burn to compete and work to be my best. I have been on a health and fitness journey since February 2018 and it is now one of my burning passions, making one of my new major goals to become a personal trainer to help others see the benefits exercise and nutrition can bring!

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