PokéPrep #14 How To Build Confidence In VGC

Confidence is incredibly important for achieving goals no matter what they are, and when it comes to VGC this is no different. However, one thing I have noticed within the VGC community is a lot of players lack confidence and even go as far as to bash themselves on their social media. This is heartbreaking for many reasons and something I hope over time my content can help lessen this trend throughout the community. If you struggle with confidence as a player then today’s article is for you.

Today we are going over how to build confidence as a player, and how it will help you become better/win more.

Gaining Confidence

Luckily for us all, gaining confidence in VGC or any other competitive outlet is extremely simple, but simple does not mean easy. The key to building confidence is split into a few parts.

  1. Identify what areas of the game you need to be proficient in to be a successful player
  2. Start making a plan of action that will help you to get better in those areas
  3. Do the things needed to get better and more knowledgeable every time you get to practice
  4. Profit

You see if you lack confidence as a competitor it’s because you don’t believe that the level of play you are at currently will carry you to wins. So to start gaining more confidence you need to start getting better and more knowledgeable which first starts with identifying the main areas you are weak in, developing a daily/weekly plan to get dedicated practice to each area and following through with a high level of consistency.

If you are a beginner and you know you have 100 things you need to get better at and that can be extremely daunting. The best plan of action is to slow down and break it down into a few things at a time, you don’t need to master everything right away. As long as you are consciously working towards fixing some of the weaker parts of your game you are going to begin to win more, and the more you win and the better you get the more confident you will be in yourself to win your tournament matches and perform at a higher level.

Why You Want To Make Building Confidence A Priority

When it comes to VGC you see a wide variety of players performing well at tournaments, some of them I would consider confident and some have proven to be not so self confident. This goes to show that confidence itself is not a make or break factor to success. However, does that mean confidence doesn’t boost your chances of success?

The short answer is I believe that confidence is one of the most influential things to impact your win/loss ratio, good confidence will increase it, low confidence will lower the W/L. But that’s not a great answer so now let’s dive into some reasons on why confidence will greatly improve you as a player.

Some of these may seem like common sense, but common sense is not common practice and therefore I deemed it important to bring some of these reasons to light to help get it into the back of your mind to push you to take the steps to become more confident in yourself. 

More Play Time

When you are confident about your play, you are likely to play the game more. One thing that stops many players from reaching their true potential is the fear of losing. However, if you build confidence you won’t fear losing because you will know that loss and failure teaches you what you need to improve upon and you will have the confidence to see the learning side and not the self ridicule side.

Playing the game more will lead to gaining more knowledge, which in turn will lead to becoming a better overall player. In a game of knowledge the more you can break down your opponents game plan and understand their options vs your options the higher chance you have of coming out on top each game you play.

Better Judgement

Confidence in any area will cause less doubt in yourself which will make your thought process and decision making much clearer.

A clear thought process is crucial to success in VGC as you need to be able to correctly identify threats, potential moves and items on opponents Pokémon, synergies of your opponents team, as well as correctly assess your counter play to the previously listed items.

This will also greatly help you in the team building process. As I have mentioned many times in the past, comfort is key in VGC. But just because you’re comfortable with a team or Pokémon doesn’t mean that it is optimal for the metagame you’re playing in. Through confidence in your play you will be able to start being comfortable with the core/teams that will win tournaments and are a force to be reckoned with in the current metagame. Staying in your comfort zone with one core or team can sometimes be rewarding for example James Baek’s 2019 team, but that’s mostly an anomaly and it’s better to get out of what’s worked in the past and begin to get comfortable with the changing meta and the archetypes that come with it.

Less Nerves

Being confident in your play is something of magic. The fear of losing is drastically decreased due to you having deep belief in how well you will perform.

This easily converts to less nerves, as when you are moving away from the fear of losing you have no reason to be nervous when you sit down to play your next match.

This can also convert to a higher level of energy. When you’re confident you are excited to play, to prove yourself and to test your knowledge and preparation. Much like anything you’re motivated to do in life, that excitement will naturally energize you and help you reach peak focus faster, and stay there for much longer.

Thank you for reading today’s article! If you enjoyed please give this post a share, or consider checking out my social media for more VGC improvement content. You can find my Twitter here, YouTube here and my Twitch channel here. If you have any topic suggestions for future PokéPrep articles please feel free to DM on twitter!  I hope you enjoyed and I wish you a fantastic day!

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