Top Player Breakdown #5 Feat. Jin Furai

Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of Top Player Breakdown! This is a series in which I will interview top players about how they approach the game, their mindset, tips for players looking to improve, breakdown of the current meta game and more! Today’s guest is streamer extraordinaire, and the chillest guy in the community, Jin Furai!

What tip(s) do you have for those looking to build a stream following? 

Do your research before making a schedule. Figure out when big streamers are starting and ending their streams so you can set a time slot that will allow you the highest potential for viewers. If you are streaming at 2am you are going to have a lot harder of a time growing, the same if you are always streaming when someone like Wolfey is streaming.

People talk about collaborating and what not, but I don’t know how much value is in that. I like having friends on who are going to be entertaining and provide value. That’s a lot more entertaining but it’s not going to be the catalyst for change in your growth.

What are the biggest mistakes you made when building your stream that you learned from?

I focused too much on the game. I thought I had to be the best, always be rank 1, I can’t lose, just some absurd ideas when you look back on them a year and a half later.

I was really competitive in monster hunter and was in Guinness and I wanted to translate that to VGC and I thought it would be easy, it was not easy. The amount of knowledge in this game at a real high level is enough to fill a library. I would go on stream and tell myself I always had to win and I couldn’t lose and it gave me a lot of anxiety. Its just not possible, there are big roadblocks that make it hard to consistently win, and some players have already been playing this game for 10 years, you are bound to lose games and thinking anything different is crazy.

The last thing is you need to remember that you’re not streaming the game, you’re streaming you. You need to make an environment that is fun and healthy for you. 

You are unapologetically yourself at all times. What would you say to those reading this who feel they have to change who they are personality wise to gain a following?

That is not true at all, there are many streamers who I watch who may not be the most entertaining, but are very high level players. You just need one of the two, if you aren’t entertaining, and you are bad at the game, you either need to get better or switch games. Not saying you can’t improve in these areas but if you are struggling with entertainment then don’t worry about that worry about getting better and providing gameplay people want to watch regardless and vice versa if you love the game but aren’t the best you need to focus on providing as much entertainment as possible while you improve in game.

What is your opinion on the new ruleset announced for series 10?

This is the closest we have had in gen 8 to a perfect format and let me explain why. This format looks like it’s going to be a more even playing field, and allow for more strategies to surface. Now we don’t have to worry about a lot of mechanics that could skew matchups in one favor too much.

I spend a lot of time watching your streams, and I know how much time you put into playing the game. What are the measures you take to prevent burnout, and keep yourself going live for another ladder session? 

If I’m being honest I smoke a lot of weed and you can see that on my stream, I don’t know if that will translate to other streamers but that has worked for me. I also drink a lot of caffeine on stream and am always moving my body and taking bathroom breaks, you have to keep yourself energized and not stay too still for too long. Not saying you have to be high octane going 900 mph like I do but you need to keep yourself and viewers engaged.

I have been around the VGC community for almost a decade now and you are no doubt one of the hardest grinders and the improvement you have made in the past half a year has been nothing short of incredible. What’s your mindset towards improvement in VGC, what tips would you give new players looking to improve? 

You need to accept that most people are probably better than you and it is going to require you to acknowledge that. If you are disrespecting your opponents and thinking everything you do is correct than you are going to fall flat on your face. You need to realize your opponents are highly skilled and making reckless, silly plays won’t work even if you think they will in your mind. Be humble and don’t get too cocky, stay confident in yourself and ability to grow but don’t think you’re world champ with only a few months of experience.

Open team sheet is currently required for Players Cup as it is the replacement of the battle box locking that happens at IRL events to prevent players from changing anything about their Pokémon. However, you have expressed great frustration with this system, do you think there are any better ways that TPCI could handle the prevention of team changing without removing a huge element of the game in information preservation/gain?

I do hate open team sheet, it takes out too much of the game when you are only clicking the A button so many times. However, I do not know how I would change it, I think it is all in game freak and the coding in the game. I know they can hire someone to put some code in the game which allows you to lock battle back online just like you do with IRL events. I do want to say it sucks that people go so far as to cheat in this game meant for 10 year old’s, but that is the way of competition and solutions have to be put in place.

Going back to you being a hard core grinder, do you believe that to reach the top level of competition you need to grind out hundreds of games a month, or do you just need highly focused and productive practice even if that means playing less games?

The more you put in the more you get out. You can’t just put in a half ass effort where you’re just churning games without gaining anything, but you can’t say “I’m going to play X amount of games and super focus” there are many layers of depth in this game and you have to focus on them all over time. Worrying about the amount of games played vs the information learned can hold you back.

You have incorporated “burning one” into the Jin Furai brand, so which trainer in the Pokémon universe would you want to “burn one” with the most and why?

It would have to Brock. He is definitely the bag man, he has been holding it down for almost 30 years, and he has performed well at a high level so all around a great person to burn one with.

If you haven’t already please check out all of Jin’s socials as well as consider booking him for coaching through his metafy link down below!

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