Top Player Breakdown #5 Feat. Jin Furai

Today we talk with one of the nicest, and fastest improving players in VGC, Jin Furai! We talk about growing a stream, series 10 announcement, how to improve in VGC and more!

Top Player Breakdown #3 Feat. Nekkra!

Today on Top Player Break Down we talk to Nekkra who has taken the esports world by storm with her commentary! Today we talk about growing as a commentator, chasing dreams, and predictions for the upcoming Players Cup 4!

Top Player Breakdown #2 Feat. Aaron ” Unreality” Traylor

Today on Top Player Break Down we talk to a long time VGC competitor with a large amount of accomplishments under their belt, Aaron Traylor!

Top Player Breakdown #1 Feat. TheBattleRoom & Adi Subramanian

Today on Top Player Break Down we talk to 2 of NA’s greatest about their mindset, their thoughts on series 8 and series 9, as well as some tips for you to grow!

3 Tips To Train Your Focus And Play Less Distracted

A huge hinderance to many players is playing while distracted and building that as an unhealthy habit. Today I give the top 3 tips to help you train your focus and improve your game!