The Proper Mindset Needed To Properly Improve In VGC

The amount of knowleadge needed to become a high level player can be daunting to new and intermediate players. Today I’m breaking down how to effectively break down learning.

3 Tips To Train Your Focus And Play Less Distracted

A huge hinderance to many players is playing while distracted and building that as an unhealthy habit. Today I give the top 3 tips to help you train your focus and improve your game!

Why You Should Be Using Affirmations To Improve In VGC

Affirmations are a way to interject negative self talk and replace it with positive self talk. Today we cover why implementing affirmations into your life will help you improve in VGC!

How To Improve Your Best Of 1 Tournament Performance

With the rise of Best of 1 ladder tournaments popping up that qualify us for the Players Cup we all need all the advice and help we can get to get us through these stressful qualifiers.

The 5 Key Data Points Absolute Beginners Need To Learn First In VGC

Beginning to compete in VGC can be very overwhelming as you begin to discover all the things you will need to learn about the game to succeed. Today I’m giving beginners a more clear path of what they should focus on first to guarantee they improve at the fastest possible pace!

5 Books Recommendations To Help You Grow In VGC

Playing and watching the game is not the only way to grow as a VGC player. Reading outside information that will provide you techniques and ideas to help improve your game is also an amazing way to help you grow!