The Proper Mindset Needed To Properly Improve In VGC

The amount of knowleadge needed to become a high level player can be daunting to new and intermediate players. Today I’m breaking down how to effectively break down learning.

Why You Should Be Using Affirmations To Improve In VGC

Affirmations are a way to interject negative self talk and replace it with positive self talk. Today we cover why implementing affirmations into your life will help you improve in VGC!

How To Improve Your Best Of 1 Tournament Performance

With the rise of Best of 1 ladder tournaments popping up that qualify us for the Players Cup we all need all the advice and help we can get to get us through these stressful qualifiers.

PokéPrep #13 How To Maximize Tournament Endurance

A part of being successful in VGC is being able to keep your energy levels high throughout the long days you will be competing. Lets talk about how to build and maintain the endurance needed!

PokéPrep #10 How To Break Through A Plateau In VGC

If you’re plateauing it can be highly frustrating an hard to figure out what is causing this issue. Today I’m giving 5 tips to end this and get you back on track!

PokéPrep #9 How To Prevent/Overcome Burnout In VGC

Burnout happens to the best of us. Today I will provide you with my tips to prevent/overcome burnout in competitive Pokémon.

PokéPrep #6 How To Spend Time In-between Round of Online Tournaments

There is one major difference between online tournaments and Online tournaments, the atmosphere. Today I give you tips to avoid distractions and keep yourself on track to success.