PokéPrep #12 Key Steps To Overcoming Tilt

Tilt is the fastest and easiest way to halt your progression as a player. As such overcoming tilt should be towards the top of your list of things to improve upon!

PokéPrep #10 How To Break Through A Plateau In VGC

If you’re plateauing it can be highly frustrating an hard to figure out what is causing this issue. Today I’m giving 5 tips to end this and get you back on track!

PokéPrep #9 How To Prevent/Overcome Burnout In VGC

Burnout happens to the best of us. Today I will provide you with my tips to prevent/overcome burnout in competitive Pokémon.

PokéPrep #5 Breaking Down Best of Three Note Taking For The Dynamax Era of VGC

One of my favorite topics is note taking. Today I’m going to give you all the information you need for taking notes and using them optimally in the dynamax era of VGC!